However, the new registration price calculation system will not be based

Although many drivers across our country were happy about the announced changes in the way vehicles are registered and the tax is calculated on it, the Ministry of Finance announced that they were misunderstood and said that the Minister was misunderstood.

Namely, our Minister of Finance, Dušan Vujovi?, pointed out at the conference of the American Chamber of Commerce that it is necessary to introduce changes in the current system of vehicle registration and tax calculation, saying that it is outdated and irrelevant. He cited the value system used in other countries as an example of fairer tax calculation.

After that, many media, including us, reported that the Minister is preparing to apply this type of vehicle taxation in our country as well. However, the Ministry of Finance reacted and denied it, emphasizing that it is only an example of other countries which, unfortunately, will not be applied in our country. Obviously, although good, the system of calculating the price of registration, ie tax according to value, is not good and superior enough for us to apply it in Serbia, because our experts are preparing a “better” solution. Interesting topic to know more about polovni traktori.

There will certainly be another solution and change, however, it will not “help” everyone. The plan is to continue using the system per cubic meter, but it is proposed to expand to more options, probably 14, instead of the current seven categories of taxation, according to the volume of the engine. . However, depending on the category or option group in which your vehicle will be found, it is possible to increase the registration price.

Whether this system will have a positive impact on the citizens of our country and their budget in the end, ie after its implementation, we can only hope.

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