HP Envy Inspire, the perfect printers for the smart home

At a time when work, family, and play are still largely intertwined within our homes, HP has introduced its new HP Envy Inspire printers, perfect allies for productivity, learning, and creating memories. And it is that the new HP Envy Inspire 7200e and 7900e printers provide great performance with improvements in printing speed, while being able to cover all those basic needs.

Designed based on the knowledge acquired during the pandemic, where the company was able to identify the main needs of users to adapt to the new normality, the new Envy Inspire perfectly combine the best of the range of home printers together with with the latest technologies such as photo inks and services with HP’s smart printing solution, offering one of the most complete and versatile home printing systems on the market.

And it is that in addition to facilitating work, the Envy Inspire can also help us keep alive and celebrate the most important moments with the family, through the new photo printing capabilities that incorporate personalized two-sided printing , automatic insertion of the date and location, and quality adapted to the phone in new sizes, such as panoramic and square for social networks.

In fact, these printers have a wide range of templates available through the HP Smart App, with which we can create and customize our own greeting cards, souvenirs and much more, from fast and really easy way.

However, another of the great advantages of these printers is that we don’t have to be in front of them to use them. And it is that any member of the family can securely access your printer, send and store files and print from anywhere thanks to remote access through the mobile application.

Currently we can already find both HP Envy Inspire 7200e and 7900e available on the company’s official website, with quite affordable prices that will go from 139.90 to 169.90 euros respectively. Additionally, both printers will be supported by the HP Instant Ink service.