Huawei goes for Garmin: lowers its new GT Runner to €299, a perfect watch for running

There are several brands that have their main niche in sports watches, such as Garmin, Polar or Fitbit, among others. However, “generalist” technology brands are trying to take a position in the sector, and one of them is Huawei.

The Asian firm has already presented several smartwatch models with sports functions, but the Huawei Watch GT Runner is the first of its watches specially designed to compete against Garmin, and with a very attractive price: €329 that has already dropped to just €299.

There are many features that it has and that make it a very attractive model if you are looking for precision when measuring aspects such as pace, distance or speed. stride, several of the fundamental aspects to know exactly what your running performance is.Watch GT Runner

Watch GT Runner

This watch is designed for athletes, especially runners. It has a personal trainer and measures advanced running metrics, in addition to having an exceptional battery.

In addition, it also measures physical values ??such as VO2 Max or SpO2, which are used to know the state of your lungs and cardiovascular system at all times.

>It has personalized training sessions and recommendations via a virtual personal trainer, which analyzes your performance training after training, your fitness level and advises you on one session or another to maximize improvement in the short, medium and long term, something that little Little by little, other brands of sports watches have been included, although usually in much more expensive models than this Huawei Watch GT Runner.

Something that stands out about this watch is the design and the weight, just 40 grams, well below what is usual in the sector, so the comfort is surely much greater than with more cumbersome models such as the Garmin Fenix, which are the clear reference and the rivals to beat. on Telegram

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The battery outperforms the most prominent running watches right now, as it can last up to two weeks depending on the brand. Of course, depending on the use you give the GPS, it can be reduced a lot, logically, although in any case it seems that it is superior to its competitors in this regard.

Shipping, as always in the official Huawei store , it’s totally free from Spain and anywhere in the country, so in a few days you’ll have this watch in your hands, which in addition to measuring key aspects of running also does the same with other sports such as cycling, fitness or even swimming.