Huawei’s cheapest WiFi 6 router is now cheaper with a discount of 44 euros

By now it is very possible that your new mobile, perhaps a tablet or even your laptop already has WiFi 6. This new technology allows you to connect at much faster speeds and thus make the most of your internet connection.

Thanks to Huawei’s Valentine’s Day offers during this month of February you can get your first router with WiFi 6 at a really reduced price. This Huawei WiFi AX3 will only cost you 34.90 euros.


WiFi AX3 Dual-Core

This WiFi router features WiFi 6, the latest standard available. In addition, you can connect your devices with just a touch thanks to NFC and Huawei Share.

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This offer is for the version with the dual-core processor that will allow you to connect many devices, not only your mobiles, tablets or computers, also think of all those light bulbs, speakers, Smart TV, the WiFi vacuum cleaner…

This router reaches a transfer speed of up to 3,000 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. In this way, not only do you connect faster, devices in your WiFi network transfer files and data much faster.

One of the great differences of this router with any that you can find in stores is that it includes Huawei Share. This technology allows you to connect your mobile to the WiFi network with a simple touch thanks to NFC.

Forget passwords that are impossible to write down or when someone comes to your house you have to look for the password on some piece of paper. Just by placing the mobile on top of the router, it will connect automatically. on Telegram

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With this Huawei WiFi AX3, in addition to more speed you will have more coverage, with the possibility of buying several of these cheap WiFi 6 routers and creating a mesh network so that the coverage reaches the most remote rooms from your house.

It also has Huawei HomeSec, a security technology that creates a secure area within its processor to protect the data that passes through this router.

Take advantage of these Valentine’s Day offers and take home a Huawei WiFi AX3 Dual-Core for 34.90 euros.