Ideas and applications to have a healthy and more organized life as a couple

Finally, you decided to move in together. During the first weeks everything is emotion, happiness. However, things go awry with coexistence and with the clash of lives, now shared.

The most important thing, sometimes, lies in the simplest and a simple calendar can be the solution to many of the problems.

For this reason we leave you some applications that can be really useful if you want to have a healthy and organized life as a couple:


This application is basically a whiteboard with everything organized in columns that you can configure as you need. You can directly access the application from the following link.

You can design different columns for chores around the house, dogs, yourself, planned trips, and other things that are relevant to your lives.

Each task or plan can be assigned a card in the corresponding column, thus facilitating an order of priorities, for example. Then you can add comments, share links and generally plan things properly.


Here we find a central application of linked notes. This will allow you, apart from planning for the future, to monitor the tasks or plans that are already underway.

Currently it is an exclusive application for macOS and iOS (although there will be a web application soon). Notion and Obsidian are two of the other cross-platform options that we also highlight.

This app can simply be used to dump anything you don’t want into Trello. For example, list of sites to visit, shopping, receipts…

You can access the application from the following link.

Google Calendar

One of the best known options is Google Calendar. Anyone can use it, but Google’s is free, cross-platform and you probably already have a Google account.

Although everyone has their personal calendar, the basis here is to also have a shared one. It must be configured so that you can both add and edit events. Here we are talking about long-term plans, dates to remember… with the ease that the two of you can add events and modify them.

Access the application from this link.

These are some ideas that can work and improve the quality of life as a couple. We do not guarantee 100% effectiveness since for this to work you have to be actively in charge of updating plans, schedules, trips…