If physics was not your thing at school, here is a website that allows you to see realistic simulations from the browser

If you were a little fair in physics, perhaps this free license software would have been of great help to you to avoid those failures. And it is that in order to really understand how physics works, it is necessary to have a capacity for abstraction, which not all of us have.

That’s why this app does this process for you through more than 50 simulations of all kinds, so that you finally understand how it works.

The only problem that presents is that we can only carry out the experiments in English and German. However, as we have already mentioned, the important thing is that with the visualization of the process you understand how it works. And why not, so you learn not only physics, but also some applied English (or German).

A point in favor is that you can carry out the simulations even if you don’t have a network connection. On the other hand, myPhysicsLab simulations do not have specified measurement units like meters, kilograms, seconds. “The units are dimensionless, they can be interpreted as you want, but they must be consistent within the simulation”, they comment on the website itself.

“For example, if we consider a unit of distance to be a meter and a unit of time to be a second, then a unit of speed must be a meter/second”, they add.

Sample files are available online in two forms:

  • Advanced compiled which loads faster. Downloadable version for offline use.
  • Simple compiled, allowing for more customization. Downloadable version for offline use.

Within all types of simulations we find some as curious as the explanation of how a roller coaster works, in which you can change the shape of the track by simply clicking.

We also find the function of billiard balls according to the angle of the hit and the force. You can do as many tests as you want and see if you get it right.

And it is not only useful for learning and understanding how physics works, it is also a very playful and fun pastime.