If Rockstar confirmed the development of GTA 6… What about Bully 2? An insider responds

Am I going to go to incredible lengths throughout this article not to refer to Bully 2 as Canis Canem Edit 2? Of course, but I wanted to make it clear that the second name of the franchise seems much cooler to me; above all, because it has a point of trying to be cultured and edgy at the same time that I find it too tempting. But we have not come here to talk about what we have to call Bully 2, but about what the hell is going to happen to him.

The thing is that the confirmation by Rockstar that the studio is already working on a GTA 6 has left that part of the community confused that they expected with you crave a Bully 2; especially after those rumors that the company was working on the game. However, the insider who leaked the possible existence of the project urges us not to lose hope.

GTA 6 confirmed at last! Rockstar makes official the next Grand Theft Auto and its development

  • The data comes from the leaker Tom Henderson, who has spoken again from his Twitter account
  • This assures who keeps hearing from Rockstar that the company would be looking for a way to do something with the Bully saga
  • Furthermore, he states that, although the studio has confirmed the development of GTA 6, this it does not have to be your only focus of work in the coming years

Bully 2 lives… the fight continues. I am left with this feeling. Although, yes, I must remind you that we are dealing with information that does not come from Rockstar itself, so the best we can do with them is to observe them carefully from afar.