If you have a podcast, it’s time to get serious about monetizing Spotify: it’s bought Podsights and Chartable

Little by little, podcasts are reaching the same relevance that videos already have. But there is still a long way to go to monetize them in the same way.

It is estimated that in 2025 podcasts will collect 2,700 million dollars in advertising, only in the United States. But advertisers complain that currently there are not enough tools to measure the impact of their advertising on podcast users, as there are many on YouTube with videos, for example.

Spotify wants to change this, and that is why it has announced the purchase of the companies Podsights and Chartable, two companies specialized in analyzing data focused on advertising.

In recent years Spotify has improved the way of inserting ads in their podcasts, as well as the feedback that advertisers receive. It launched the Streaming Ad Insertion platform and tools to measure audiences, such as the Spotify Audience Network.

The purchase of Podsights and Chartable has a different goal, as The Verge explains, because it targets YouTube directly.

The Google company has an important advantage: with the integration of AdSense and other tools on YouTube, creators and advertising sponsors have at their disposal data such as the age, gender or tastes of the listeners, but also very important statistics, such as the most listened or most viewed video or podcast excerpts.

This helps creators know what content their listeners are most interested in, and helps advertisers to place their ads .

How to start a Podcast: necessary materials, micro and software

With the purchase of Podsights and Chartable,Spotify will be at the level of YouTube in terms of advertising, but focusing its statistics on audio.

Podsights is specialized in pixel tracking and analyzing how listeners listen to podcasts: if they play them in full, which fragments are listened to the most, how they move between podcasts…

Chartable, for its part, has state-of-the-art promotional tools, SmartLinks and SmartPromos, designed to create promotional campaigns for specific targets and reach new audiences.

Spotify says in the press release that it will prioritize audio ads, but will later use it with video and text ads as well. Because in addition to audio podcasts, it also intends to be the reference in video podcasts.

If you are a podcast creator, you should carefully follow Spotify’s proposal, because it can become on the platform you are looking for to monetize your work.