If you like Arataki Itto, a character from Genshin Impact, this cosplay will blow your mind

I’m with the hype through the roof with the new version of Genshin Impact. There are so many characters that one comes to think that at some point the desire to get a new one will end. And so I thought in the previous version, until I saw Yae Miko in action. Please behave yourself and come home wishing as little as possible. I ask no more.

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I’m looking for some divine cosplay of Yae Miko for when she launches, as well as a form of celebration . But while the date arrives, it’s not bad to see other cosplays. And today I bring you one that, surprisingly, I didn’t have to look for, but rather it came to me. So, thanks to its creator for teaching me tremendous currazo.

The cosplay of Arataki Itto, character of Genshin Impact

  • The cosplayer is @ZanzaSano. Yes, I know I repeat myself a lot, but follow the cosplayers I show you, they are very worthwhile ?
  • He has embodied Arataki Itto himself , you know, that Geo character from Genshin Impact with a considerable height and who doesn’t shut up even under water. We actually love him ?
  • I leave you with the images below so you can enjoy them as God intended ?
  • And don’t forget Leave me in the comments what you think about it ?

This cosplay really surprised me. No detail is missing and both the wig and the costume are practically identical to the original, and the skin marks are very cool. As for the images, I think the first and last ones are the best, because they are the ones that are closest to Arataki Itto’s personality.