If you need a replacement Joy-Con, you have them on sale in blue and neon yellow for 66.99 euros

If your Joy-Cons haven’t experienced any issues yet, consider yourself a lucky person. And it is that the official Nintendo Switch controls are as portable and versatile as they are fragile, and can end up suffering from different problems over the months.

One of the most common problems of the Joy-Con is drifting, a bug that causes them to detect motion even when you’re not doing anything, so the character moves on its own. If it happens to you or you fear it will happen to you, we recommend you buy a replacement settaking advantage of the fact that it is on sale for 66.99 euros on Amazon.

For 66.99 euros

This is an official set with two Joy-Con controllers: a dark blue left one and a neon yellow right one. As usual, they include two straps so you can attach them to your wrist and play more safely.

Being a set of official controls, it goes without saying that their use is very simple. You just have to take them out of their box, connect them to your Nintendo Switch and you’ll have them ready to continue playing.

And little more to say. They are original controls that are easily synchronized and work perfectly. They can serve as substitutes for the ones you already had or as spare controls for what could happen, or to play more people in multiplayer games and enjoy with family or friends.

If you are not convinced by the Joy-Con either because of drifting or because of its design, you also have thesealternatives Third Party, some with official Nintendo license, with which you will have from spare controllers to a professional controller for your most demanding games.

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So that said: if you fear drifting on your Nintendo Switch controllers, take advantage of the fact that this Joy-Con set is reduced to 66.99 euros on Amazon and premiere it tomorrow buying it with an Amazon Prime account.