If you still haven’t migrated your Mojang account to us, your time is running out

It seems like yesterday when Microsoft announced the migration of Mojang accounts to their own. However, the truth is that about a year and a half has already passed, since the measure was made public in October 2020. Although no dates were set at that time, Microsoft’s original plans spoke of “several months” as a margin for players to complete the process, at the risk of losing their accounts if they did not migrate.

Several dates have been speculated over the past year, but finally it seems that the process has been slower than initially planned by Microsoft, so that in February 2022 there are still active Mojang accounts. It seems, however, that those from Redmond consider that they have already granted the necessary time to the players and consequently, as we can read in Slash Gear, there is already a deadline to migrate Mojang accounts to Microsoft: the 10 March.

Despite the fact that there has been no public communication in this regard by Microsoft, it seems that users who have not yet migrated their Mojang accounts would be receiving emails informing them of said deadline, jalong with some instructions and the link to the web page to start the process, an operation for which you need a Microsoft account (you can use an existing one or create a new one) and that, from my own experience, I can say that it is quite fast and simple.

With this change Microsoft intends to improve the security of Minecraft accounts, since Mojang’s accreditation system did not have two-step identification functions or additional security measures. However, when the change was announced, many questions were raised about the future of the Java edition of the game. However, at least until today, it is true that the only appreciable change is that the account used in the launcher to log in is the Microsoft one, not the old Mojang one.

If you haven't migrated your Mojang account to us yet, your time is running out

An interesting novelty of this change is thatnow all the games of the family for PC are unified in a single launcher, and that is that until now Minecraft Java was linked to Mojang accounts, while that Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Dugeons were to the Microsoft account.

And yes, as we already indicated at the time, the migration from Mojang to Microsoft is mandatory, so if you have not completed this operation before the term ends, you will lose your account and, therefore, your user license. The question I am asking myself at this time, however, is whether this will really be the final deadline. It strikes me that Microsoft has not yet made a public communication, such as a post on the Minecraft blog, about it. That makes me wonder, but still, just in case, I wouldn’t delay it any longer.