If you wanted more customization options in Windows, soon you will have ‘stickers’ for the desktop

Of all the possible customization options, Microsoft has come up with the idea that the next thing we can add to our desktop in Windows 11 are… stickers. Yes, in the same style as those we use in social and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

The new feature was found by Albacore in a preview build of the system, and will most likely be one of the features of the first major update to Windows 11 that we expect in the fall of this year. .

No widgets or gadgets: stickers

Stickers Windows 11

The stickers appear in the desktop background customization options

The stickers feature appears in the background customization options from Windows 11 Settings. Just below the desktop image settings, we will now also see the option “Choose stickers for your background”.

In addition to this, by right clicking on the desktop, we can go directly to edit the stickers that we have added with a new app that acts as a Stickers Editor. The stickers you add will remain on the desktop even if you change the background.


How to customize Windows 11 to the fullest without having to install anything extra

Of course, do not expect these stickers to be interactive or to have more than decorative functions. They’re not gadgets or widgets, something some still miss from the days of Windows Vista. The closest thing to this that we have in Windows 11, is the new Widgets menu (Win + W) that almost nobody talks about and that continues without receiving news or a single new widget in months.

If this sounds like an interesting additional customization option, you’ll just have to wait a few months to get it. Although considering the good handful of customization options that Windows 11 offers, especially with colors and themes, this one feels like little.