If your old car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can fix it for just 20 euros with this car radio

Technology for cars has improved a lot in recent years, although in many cases they are novelties that are only available for new vehicles, something that not everyone can afford.

However, small tweaks can be made to an old car to make it more “intelligent”, starting with changing the radio. There are many models with Android Auto and screens up to 10 inches, although if what you just want is a cheap radio with Bluetooth for your car, there is one that fits perfectly. Norauto sells it in its online store and it costs only 19.99 euros.

Just take a look at the Amazon catalog in this category to see that it really is a very competitive price, lower than the one they have almost all the alternatives in Spain, and coming from a store specializing in top-level vehicle accessories such as Norauto.

Bluetooth car radio for €19.99 at Norauto

With Bluetooth you can use your hands free and receive calls directly without having to hold the mobile, in addition to being able to connect a flash drive with music or directly to the mobile with an auxiliary cable to play music from applications such as Spotify or YouTube.

With With a minimal investment you can forget about your old radio, although this model does not have a CD player, in case you still use this format to listen to music.

Installation is quite simple, unlike some car gadgets that require more advanced electronic knowledge, although they are tremendously useful on a day-to-day basis.

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We are talking, for example, about smart rear-view mirrors, which usually have a rear parking camera, something that even the DGT itself is beginning to recommend to avoid rear-end collisions.

As for shipping conditions and delivery, the truth is that Norauto makes it quite easy, and it is that they have a policy very similar to that of Amazon: it is free from 29 euros of purchase, although you can also choose the free collection in any of its centers.