In addition to mobile versions, Metal Slug Awakening will bring its frenetic action to PS4 and PS5

The Metal Slug saga is one of the oldest and most acclaimed within the arcade action genre that already has a few deliveries behind it. One of the last to be presented for iOS and Android was Metal Slug Awakening and along with the mobile versions, its launch for PS4 and PS5 has just been confirmed.

Tencent and TiMi Studio will bring to Sony consoles this new title in the series, previously known as Metal Slug Code: J. Among its most important features, its renewed graphic section stands out. > in which its classic pixel-art has been left aside to bet on an animated 3D visual aspect.

Beyond these changes, the gameplay also looks like it will receive some other news, such as the fact that we can switch between two weapons at the same time, so that we can use our favorites whenever we want without fear of losing them to catch another. In addition, all characters, enemies and final bosses will have their own life bar.

25 Years of Metal Slug: Classic Pixel Action at its Best

25 years of Metal Slug: the classic pixelated action taken to its maximum expression

However, those responsible have not specified when we can get hold of Metal Slug Awakening in any of the systems in which its arrival has been confirmed. The only thing that the official account of the game has indicated in this regard is that we stay tuned for more details.

Likewise, we must not forget that this will not be the only Metal Slug that we will see shortly, since Metal Slug Tactics is also expected to be published sometime this year, in the that the action will become more leisurely, leaving us with some turn-based strategy battles.