In Buenaventura they reject the crime of a leader who promoted a march

The murder of a merchant and community spokesperson causes consternation and rejection among inhabitants of the Pacific port in Valle del Cauca .

The authorities of the department offered a reward of 50 million pesos in pursuit of those responsible. The mayor’s office condemned the citizen’s crime, calling him a great leader.

On Friday night, Estiven Loaiza arrived at her residence in the Trapiche neighborhood of Buenaventura. When he was about to enter, two men approached, who were traveling on a motorcycle.

The shots caused fear in the sector of commune 3. Loaiza suffered two gunshot wounds to the back and died almost instantly. the act.

Aged 36, the man was recognized in Buenaventura for being an active participant in social, political and business organizations. Voices of recognition of the victim and rejection of the crime were expressed at the funeral.

The Secretary of Security of Valle del Cauca, Camilo Murcia , on behalf of the Government, announced a reward of up to 50 million pesos to clarify the murder.Social groups say that he was committed to promoting the march on Thursday, February 24.

In this mobilization there would be a rejection against violence and social demands for Buenaventura. Citizen and business sectors say that the march will refer to murders and insecurity and respect for life.

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