In Japan this tiny vertical screen has become fashionable when you use the computer, what is it for?

Using two or three screens with a PC is quite common. That’s why even laptops already come with multiple HDMI or DisplayPort outputs.

These extra monitors are used to work with multiple applications at the same time, keep more tools in one application, or to achieve greater immersion in games. That is why they are usually the same size as the main monitor.

This is not the case with this new and tiny vertical monitorthat has become fashionable in Japan, to the point that it is manufactured by several companies, such as Elsonic or Thanko.


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It’s easy to see what it’s for, but in case you haven’t fallen for it yet, here’s the ultimate clue: they’re called Twitter monitors.

Apparently in Japan the addiction to social networks is so high, that they need to always have the Twitter feed, the Facebook wall or TikTok in sight.

That is the main function of these Twitter monitors: they connect to the PC via HDMI and are powered by USB. An application allows to direct the feeds of Twitter, TikTok and other social networks from the PC, to this second vertical screen.

And if you start to notice that your head with so much social information, luckily it has other applications. You can place it on the keyboard, horizontally, to show temperature measurements and PC performance, chat while playing a video game, etc:

Now it does seem much more interesting, because the truth is that many applications can be found for a small second screen that can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

This model from the Japanese brand Thanko has a 7.9-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 400 pixels. Its dimensions are 20.8 x 7 by 1.6 cm.

As we see in the photos, it can be placed horizontally or vertically with a stand or clamp. It connects to the PC via HDMI, and needs to be connected to a plug via USB Type C. It is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Its price is not too expensive, considering that Japanese products are never cheap. It costs 11,200 yen, which in exchange is about 85 euros.

Will we ever see these vertical monitors in Europe? A couple of years ago Samsung launched a vertical TV to watch TikTok videos, The Sero, but it hasn’t been very successful.