Instagram is going to change the Likes in the Stories so that you can better organize the chats

Maybe it’s too late, but Instagram has realized that reactions to stories are sometimes a hindrance. It’s okay to like someone’s post, the problem is that all these likes appear in the list of chats.

By joining the chat section they displace the real conversations that are taking place, something meaningless that they are going to solve with the update that some users of the Meta social network are already receiving.

The novelty has been announced and explained by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. He has also posted a video on Twitter in which he explains how the system will work and what the goal is by compartmentalizing these reactions differently from normal chats.

Likes and other likes will go into a new space separate from chat. When someone likes your story, you will receive a normal notification, not a private message.

Furthermore, Mosseri also clarifies that privacy will remain one of their goals and no count of these responses will be shown to anyone. It will only be a change to make the application more comfortable, there will be no sacrifice.

It’s a good idea for Instagram to start separating these replies from the chats. We assume that at the time they were put in chats to encourage conversations to start, but in the end the excessive number of likes sometimes works against their comfort.

Surely the update that has begun to reach users will bring more news. We will be waiting to see what they are and explain them to you.