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Summer is here, the sun is hot, the kid’s school summer vacation has begun, and they need to be entertained. What better than a pool, some friends, and a few toys to keep them cool and amused for hours in the back yard? Why don’t you buy Intex pool Dubai products?

These days pools come in many shapes and sizes, to help you in your choice here are reviews for the three best selling Intex pool Dubai.

intex pool dubai

My first choice is relatively inexpensive, but you should undoubtedly add an electric pump cost if you don’t already have one.f

So, you have finally decided to join the swimming pool owners’ ranks and add a refreshing oasis to your home. Intex pools Dubai provides an inexpensive and easy beginning to pool ownership. Intex pools are easy to install and are usually ready for water in about an hour. However, this setup time only applies to the collection itself. Before you even unpack your pool, you must choose and prepare a location. There are many aspects to consider when choosing where to put your bank, and the work itself is often physically demanding. Learn more about how to build swimming pool step by step.

The first point to take into account is safety. Your state or local government may have laws or codes that require pools to be situated in a particular area or behind some fencing or barrier. These laws are in place to prevent children from getting into the pool without adult supervision and potentially drowning. Even if there are no official laws in place, you should still judiciously consider whether you expect to have young ones at your home and how you plan to stop them from gaining access to the pool without appropriate oversight. You may be able to locate your swimming pool near existing fencing or other landscaping features. The bottom line is to plan your site with safety in mind.

intex pool dubai


  1. INTEX Metal Rectangular Frame Pool, Blue, 3 Mt x 2 Mt, 28272

  2. Intex Rectangular Frame Pool, Multi-Colour, Ages 6+, 282

  3. Intex Prism Frame Pools 12ft X 30in (with Pump) – 26712

  4. Intex play pool – Unisex – 28270

  5. Intex Swimming Pool and Spa Floating Chemical Dispenser (Bromine and Chlorine) – 29040

  6. Intex Rectangular Metal Frame Pool – 28271, Multi Color

  7. Intex Rainbow Baby Pool, Multi-Colour, 57104

  8. INTEX Inflatable Family Pool, 305 x 183 x 56 cm, 58484

  9. Intex Rectangular Pool Cover, Multi-Colour, 4.6m x 2.3m, 28039

  10. Intex Inflatable Pool 166 x 100 x 28 cm [57403], Multi Color

  11. Intex Inflatable Mesh Lounge Floating Raft With Headrest – 58836b

  12. Intex Pool Cover For 3 X 2m Rectangular Swimming Pool

  13. Intex 28120 Easy Set Swimming Pool – Blue