Intolerance: ‘With a fist a man hurt my jaw for 500 pesos’

Angie Gallegos Sanabria, a 30-year-old lawyer, cannot believe that she was beaten by a man on February 7 in the neighborhood Polo Club in a miscellany that provides banking correspondent services.

The woman reports that she decided to go to the Carulla in that sector to make a withdrawal at the Bancolombia ATM but that it was not enabled. “Then they told me that a corner store provided banking correspondent services and so I went there.”

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At that moment there were three people in line and Angie decided to wait, as it’s due, your turn. “In front of me there was a man who said that he was going to make a withdrawal from Davivienda of 30,000 pesos. The lady charged him 500 pesos for the service but at that moment the subject became super aggressive”.

The woman told EL TIEMPO that the stranger told the owners of the place that they were abusive and that she was going to report them. “The lady ignored the offenses, she ushered me in and told me: what an abusive guy. I answered yes. I mentioned to him that if he didn’t want to be charged, then he should make a withdrawal at an ATM.”

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It seems that the aggressor heard. “That’s when he turned around and went all over me. I told him not to touch me and he told me: you don’t know who he’s messing with and he started to say rude things to me. Then he punched me very hard. He walked out like it was nothing.” The residents helped the woman, caught up with him and called the police.

The aggressor told her that she could not defend herself and continued to attack the lawyer. “The CAI Police agent did absolutely nothing, only a passerby defended me.”

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The aggressor’s wife arrived at the CAI and when Angie arrived she was also offended by her. “She told me why she had sent her partner to hit her, she told me abusive and that everything had happened in front of three children, which is a lie. It was all very strange.”

The La Granja Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) filed a formal complaint and Legal Medicine told the woman that there was no blood or any external injury.

But in the EPS they did do several tests. “I had a sprain, they disabled me for 15 days, I am on crutches and they sent me to maxillofacial surgery due to a jaw movement that I have. I can’t bite properly.”

On February 8, when the hearing was scheduled, the victim was informed that the assailant had been sent to the CAI del Polo and that they had released him because a prosecutor with the Legal Medicine report considered that the injuries were not serious and that they could not leave a person detained. “I can’t believe that nothing happens to a guy who attacks and threatens a woman like that.”