Is your Twitch account in danger? The company changes its policy on usernames

It is almost universal, Twitch is the preferred platform for users to consume live content. Thanks to its real-time interaction with the content creator and the increasing popularity of the page, many people log into their account daily to enjoy the full experience.

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If you want to interact with the streamer you need a Twitch account, which requires a name. But don’t be too smart, because the Amazon platform has gotten tougher on the terms it doesn’t allow in usernames.

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PC Gamer has conducted a study where it has discovered that purple YouTube has toughened its way of dealing with nicks who break the rules, in addition to updating its policies regarding the username.

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What is not allowed to be-a-name on Twitch?

  • You may continue to use names that make references to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. ?
  • Names related to hard drugs or their abuse will not be allowed. ?
  • Nor may do promotion of terrorism, violence, threats, sexual harassment or sexual references. ?
  • Twitch itself has shared a list with more banned terms and topics:
  • Violation of the law, including terrorism and child exploitation.
  • Hateful conduct.
  • Harassment and Sexual Harassment.
  • Exchange Unauthorized private information.
  • Interpretation.
  • Glorification of natural or violent tragedies.
  • Self-destructive behavior.
  • References to sexual acts, genitalia, or sexual fluids.

People who break the rules will receive an email asking them to change their username. Until they fulfill the request, they will not be able to access Twitch. If anyone intentionally breaks the rules, their account will be suspended.