It Takes Two reaches five million copies sold

It Takes Two, the cooperative adventure from Hazelight Studios, reaches five million copies sold. The studio has announced it in a big way through its RRSS.

When the cooperative game was being developed, Josef Fares did not stop praising it. To the point of stating that he would give $1,000 to anyone who got bored playing.

But nothing could be further from the truth, because the game arrived last March and was soon among the best of 2021 . So much so that he participated in The Game Awards 2021 gala with several nominations.

And he won, boy did he win, It Takes Two won the GOTY. And now, in addition to being the Game of the Year for last 2021, it adds another milestone in total sales after remaining current.

Last October we saw that it reached three million copies sold. The days, weeks and months have continued to pass and now they celebrate that there are 5 million copies that have been sold.

Through a tweet that we read by Hazelight Studios , they say, “5…that’s FIVE million copies It Takes Two has sold,” the tweet began.

Our team is absolutely amazed just to think about the number of players who have already enjoyed our game“.

In our analysis we told you: “An exceptional platform game -strictly cooperative- that bets on the variety in the development and a great sense of humor.

Each scenario is a puzzle in which the two players must coordinate their skills, which is challenging and a lot of fun“.

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And those are the copies that have been sold through the different platforms. Remember that It Takes Two is on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S and PC.

But the players who have gone through their cooperative actions could be much more. Since last November, It Takes Two can be played on Xbox Game Pass.

Although this time has also left somewhat more bittersweet news such as that of Take-Two and its trademark, others happier are the ones that It Takes Two will make the leap to the big screen.

And they weren’t the only ones who enjoyed cooperative play. Hidetaka Miyazaki loved it: “It’s continually funny.” As many will love Hazelight games from now on.

Did you know that Josef Fares has also given his opinion on NFTs? “I’d rather be shot in the knee,” he would say.