It was just malware, but Nvidia RTX users were promised to unlock their Ethereum mining capabilities

A tool posted on GitHub that was advertised as being able to unlock the full Ethereum mining capabilities of recent Nvidia RTX graphics cards, but actually contains malware. In fact, the GitHub release is no longer available.

Tom’s Hardware and PC Gamer also posted about the utility, called “Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker”, which claimed to remove Nvidia’s “Lite Hash Rate” software that was implemented on newer graphics cards to discourage cryptocurrency miners from buying gaming GPUs.

The viruses it installs

However, this tool is not as promising as it seemed at first glance. In a YouTube live yesterday on the Red Panda Mining channel, members of the ChumpchangeXD and Y3TI mining community explained that it contained multiple viruses. And the aforementioned media have already updated their information explaining these developments.

The new findings point to the tool not even doing its job of removing the GPU hash rate cap. Instead, it apparently infects your system and causes a number of unusual behaviors, such as high CPU usage.

Since Nvidia implemented the Lite Hash Rate on graphics cards starting in mid-2021, there has been a huge demand (and a very profitable secondary market) for older RTX cards that do not have the hash rate limitation. . A tool that could reduce demand by removing the limit on newer cards is a tempting proposition.