It’s very easy: top up the TuLlave card from your cell phone

The TransMilenio system announced the way in which the card should be recharged and invites its users to recharge the card TuLlave personalized from any mobile device, in an easy and fast way that helps facilitate access to this means of public transport.

In just three simple steps, you can top up the value you need to the TuLlave card, from your cell phone or any mobile device.

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The recommendations are as follows:

Go to the website www.tullaveplus from your mobile device

Fill in the format indicated on the page with the data, value of the recharge, and information of the bank card with which you are going to make the payment.

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And finally, activate the web recharge in the readers located within the trunk stations of the system TransMilenio and that’s it.

In a trill, the administration also explains the steps to recharge online from the mobile device.

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