James Gunn Shares Funny Letter He Received From Scooby-Doo Asking Him For A Job

Although he is best known for his role as director of superhero films, the truth is that before directing, James Gunn spent much of his career as a screenwriter, part of his resume where we find titles as disparate as Dawn of the Dead or the two Scooby-Doo live-action movies.

And it was precisely the latter, the detective dog, who has come to Gunn to ask him to give him a new opportunity in the world of cinema, in a funny letter that the director himself has shared on his Twitter, and that suspiciously comes from the same address as the house of actor and comedian Ben Schwartz, with whom Scooby must be sharing a flat.

Using the slur of the dog, which always puts an r at the beginning of some words, the letter goes like this: “Rames! It’s me , Scooby-Doo. The dog, remember me? I can talk and we made a movie together. I love that the s dog nacks bear my name. It doesn’t matter, I’m just writing to ask you two questions.”

“One, have you changed your phone number? I’ve been texting you for the past few years and you’ve never gotten back to me, so I figured you changed it because nice guys like you don’t ghost their friends. Two, why haven’t you had me for your superhero movies? I’m a talking dog! That’s crazy in and of itself!”.

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“(…) I mean you already have a talking tree, a raccoon and a shark but NO SCOOBY? ? Sorry, I didn’t mean to get itchy but I was the one who introduced you to the world of talking animals and here I am, auditioning for dog food commercials. (…) You would already know about all this if you answered my calls.”

“And don’t use the excuse that I’m a dog and that I don’t know how to use a mobile because here I am, writing you a letter. It took me six hours but I nailed it,” wrote Scooby which ended the letter with a handwritten signature. At the moment, it does not seem that Gunn wants to return to the world of Scooby-Doo, although he could always make a cameo in The Peacemaker, for example.