James Rodríguez: the resounding devaluation of the Colombian ’10’

James Rodríguez, one of the most beloved players of the Colombian National Team, is going through a difficult time in his career, because according to the ‘Football Derby’ portal he has had a significant devaluation in the transfer market.

The Colombian, who took his first international steps at Banfield in Argentina and reached the top in teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, seems to return to his beginnings. Currently, Rodríguez has a cost of 15 million euros, more than 67,900 million pesos, in his team, the Al-Rayyan SC.

According to the portal, the striker started out having a market value of 4.5 million euros ($20,400 million pesos) when he was playing for FC Porto in 2010, after which he quickly rose to 35 million euros ($158 billion pesos) at AS Monaco in 2014.

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Two years later it was Signed by Real Madrid , there his value increased to 80 million euros ($362,000 million pesos). This transaction is the most expensive ever made for a Colombian player and was the result of his performance in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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By 2017, Rodríguez was signed on loan by Bayern Munich for a lower value, 50 million euros ($226 million pesos), which increased in the same team in 2018 to 80 million ($362,000 million pesos).

The sharp decline began in 2019 when he transferred to Real Madrid again, since here his value was 40 million euros ($181,000 million pesos).

After this, by 2020 James was playing for Everton FC where he was worth 35 million euros ($158,000 million pesos) and where he only lasted 26 games. Finally, the cucuteño entered to play for Al-Rayyan SC, a Qatari team that acquired him for 15 million euros ($68,000 million pesos)

However, the ’10’ of the team has the First place in the list of most valuable players of Al-Rayyan SC and the Star League. In addition, he is ranked 45th among the most valuable players in the offensive midfield position.

As for the Colombian National Team, Rodríguez is ranked 11th in the list of most valuable players in the national team, below David Ospina, Daniel Muñoz, Óscar Murillo, Wilmar Barrios and Radamel Falcao.

Although there are rumors that the ’10’ may return to elite European football, his contract with Al Rayyan is signed until 2024.

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