Joaquín Messi, the youth who was suggested to change his surname

he wears Newell’s No. 10 jersey. If some play with individual brilliance comes out of his inspiration and someone asks him “but who do you think you are, Messi?”, Joaquín Silvio will have to answer: “Yes, I’m Messi” . Joaquín Silvio Messi, for more information.

On April 16 he will be 20 years old and is now in Ecuador, playing in the Copa Libertadores Sub 20 organized by Conmebol.

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After presenting himself as Messi and the coincidence of Newell’s inferiors, a clarification is necessary: He is not a relative of Lionel and did not even have the opportunity to meet him – when he was very young he saw him from a distance in a benefit game at the Newell’s stadium – although his dream of sharing a team with the crack is that of every footballer, whatever his surname.

Being a footballer Messi without being Leo is a weight and a catalyst for inquisitive looks, but it also distinguishes itself from the rest, even when its conditions on a pitch have not yet transported it to notoriety public. In the presentation of the youth Copa Libertadores, Conmebol dedicated a special space to Joaquín.

A last name that weighs

In the video he comments that he was born in Coronel Arnold, a town located 40 kilometers from Rosario. He arrived at Newell’s baby-soccer at the age of eight. In Bella Vista he had his first experience on the field for 11 players and continued in the lower divisions of Leprosy.

With the fourth division champion in 2021, he qualified for the Copa Libertadores Sub 20, a competition in which he made his debut this Monday 8 minutes into the second half, entering by Lisandro Pola in a 1-0 loss against Guarani (Paraguay).

He showed good ball control, mobility, committed two fouls and executed a corner that a teammate did not manage to connect well with his head to reach the tie. The Argentine team is led by Rubén “Petete” Rodríguez, Maxi Rodríguez’s uncle.

The extensive and meticulous archive of Rosario journalist Carlos Durhand shows that Messi has already played four games in the Reserve, always entering from the bench, without scoring goals. In the category that precedes the first division he debuted on February 27, 2021, with the technical director Federico Hernández. In reserve he has already lived the joy of winning a classic 2-0 against Rosario Central, in the Gigante de Arroyito. on April 30, 2021.

Its characteristics

“He is an inside midfielder with good dribbling, one on one and medium distance shot. When we brought him up to the Reserve he had the bad luck of an injury and we agreed with him that he would go down again to the fourth division”, Federico Hernández, now coach of Agropecuario, told this newspaper.

1.74m tall height -five centimeters taller than Lionel-, Silvio is right-handed and has been playing the AFA junior tournaments since April 2016. From the ninth to the fourth division, he played 58 games (43 as a starter and 15 coming off the bench) and scored 9 goals.

If his career progresses towards professionalism and he becomes part of the daily landscape of the first division, you will no longer find yourself with the recurring curiosity of whether you are related to Lionel.

“Everyone asks me. It is a simple coincidence. In my town there are three families that share the Messi surname. They relate to me more because I dedicated myself to football and started at Newell’s. It would be the most beautiful thing that happens in my life to ever play with Lionel. Let him wear the 10, give me any number, “he said.

Being a Messi implies an exposure that some rival uses to destabilize him on the pitch. More than a year ago, he recalled a couple of anecdotes in dialogue with the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo: “Once, in the ninth division, against Banfield, in Rosario, the first central marker, a big and very tall boy, scolded me all day. party simply for the fact of calling me Messi”.

He also went through the derision of the comments on the Web: “Once again, in a note that they made me when I was a boy, below, in the comments, many people without knowing me said lots of ugly things about me last name. The truth is, I never understood either of the two situations.”