Keep Patience

What is patience?

Patience is the ability to hold you inelastic when the situation goes against, to keep yourself persistent on something, and it is a quality of being alert and behave excellent in circumstances. In other words, patience is how you tolerate delays, issues, and aches without getting exhausted.


Angriness is a natural phenomenon; many people get angry about unwanted acts and happen. It is an automatic human behavior that reacts harshly when something occurs against your will, the art of being calm at such situations is known as patience.

Now the question arises on how someone will behave calmly when the situations are not going according to plans? So the answer is “it is obviously very hard to control yourself in an opposite state of affairs but simultaneously it defines how much big player you are to tackle the situation positively”.

Why it is important to be patient?

Well everyone has different levels of tolerance, some people react very frequently even without knowing the overall fact and some people try to keep calm till the maximum limit they can sustain.

“The person who never quits is the person who has the ability to absorb, high level of tolerance, in short, who have patience”

When things are going against you it’s hard to survive sometimes at this time patience is the only thing which saves your life, gives you a hope of positivity and teaches you a lesson of life. At such crucial situations trust on the plans of God or nature and do not lose hope.

Sometimes it takes time, to change times!

There is a lot on you should be Thankful to Lord 

  • If you see a new morning in life as a healthy person, be Thankful because many of us were alive till last night in this world, most of us are in hospitals suffering from pain. 
  • Have food in front of you, outfits on the body, a shelter to live a basic life then be Thankful because you belong to 75% of the richer population of the world. The rest of the 25% does not have these facilities. 
  • If you are able to READ this article and understand it, you are luckiest because more than 3 billion people living with you who cannot see, can’t read, and suffering from a mental disorder.