Kevin Smith is extremely pissed that Spider-Man: No Way Home has not been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars 2022

Despite the fact that superhero movies have dominated the box office for more than 10 years, to the dismay of some directors, many prestigious awards continue to resist bowing down to blockbusters.

The Oscars are still the best An example of this, although in more than one other matter they began to give ground a long time ago (it is not a criticism, mind you).

In fact, this year there was a possibility that the Academy would nominate Spider-Man: No Way Home for the Oscar for Best Picture, as it did in the past with Black Panther, but it did not happen.

Despite breaking the box office in times of the pandemic, and being the only film that seems not to have felt the impact of COVID in movie theaters, the film starring Tom Holland is not even among the 10 chosen to opt for the statuette.

Although it is not something that should surprise anyone who knows or senses where the Academy always ends up going, to Kevin Smith has been blown away by the decision not to nominate, at least, the Marvel film.

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Speaking on his podcast, Fatman Beyond, Smith unleashed his anger on the academy, criticizing the decision and noting that a mere nomination would have only required one of the 10 nominated film slots.

The director and screenwriter then attacked a well-known problem that the Oscars have dragged on for years, their low audience rating.

Then they complain that no one sees them, but they are unable to nominate at least the biggest movie of the last three years“.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed $1,778.8 million worldwide, an enviable figure if we take into account that it has not been released in China.

It is the only film in times of pandemic that has exceeded 1,000 million dollars, but it will not be one of the the 10 chosen ones who choose to take the stage of the Dolby Theater to collect the Oscar for Best Picture.

Something similar happened in 2009, when The Dark Knight was not one of the then 5 Oscar nominees.