Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch “is a nightmare” due to Cloud versions

The Cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch have not been the adaptation expected by fans. The Polygon medium reviews the many errors they have suffered during their time with them.

How is the Cloud version of Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch?

Square Enix announced last year the launch of its popular saga on the Nintendo console. It did so with the so-called Cloud version, which takes advantage of streaming technology so as not to run the application natively. Hitman 3, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and Control are just some of the projects that have adopted it.

Polygon points out that the experience “is a nightmare”. The medium points directly to the state of the technology used by these ports. “I left my Nintendo Switch in the dock and began my adventure on the island of destiny via Wi-Fi. I had problems almost immediately after going through the menus. The intro music video […] was slowing down all the time. Besides the lag, the game looked worse than usual.”Kingdom Hearts Nintendo Switch Cloud Version

Some time later, he did the test with the OLED model of the console, whose dock includes an ethernet connection port. “The frequent lag dissipated, but it was far from a good experience. The rate of images per second was below 30, and rarely stabilized”, they explain.

A punctual error in the connection can lead to the loss of progress. The Kingdom Hearts franchise structures its development based on specific save points. If something happens to your internet, you’ll lose what you’ve done down to the last file. “Every time you put your Switch to sleep, the device will need to reconnect to the cloud to reestablish the connection. Did you leave your Switch to sleep for too long? Well, the game may crash, which can cause a lot of headaches in a franchise like Kingdom Hearts, where most games require manual saves.”

Currently Nintendo Switch has the three compilations of the saga released in recent years: 1.5+2.5 Remix, 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts 3 + Re Mind.

Source: Polygon