Kirby and the Forgotten Land has left us many memes with its new trailer

The Nintendo Direct has left us many announcements, but one of the games that has been in the spotlight has been Kirby and the Forgotten Land. And it is that the pink ball has presented us with a spectacular trailer of its next game.

In the purest Mario Odyssey style, Kirby will have a power to transform himself into objects. Although the character could already absorb small objects and enemies to copy his abilities, he can now “bite” larger objects. transmorphosis is his new ability, with which he can absorb and take the form of large objects to make use of the characteristics of him. The introduction of this feature has brought many memes.

Twitters always have a lot of imagination, this time they have taken the opportunity to make comparisons or talk about the strange shapes that Kirby can take. Some of these memes are not fit to put here, but they are very good. So, at your own risk, you are free to go look for “Kirby” in the Twitter lupita.

Undoubtedly, Kirby Car and Kirby Cone have been the rage of the networks. It is not for less, the car looks like the typical cover to protect your car while the cone is literally the VLC Player if you download the wrong version.

Kirby double serving? Nintendo would present another game in the saga in a few days

The game isn’t out yet, but when it’s released I’m sure players will find new transformations and references that will make us crack up. There is very little left for its launch, so let’s use memes to make the wait more bearable.