Knockout City will be free (free-to-play) and is separated from EA; official statement

Knockout City, the dodgeball-based multiplayer team-based fighting title, will become a free-to-play video game this coming spring under a business model free-to-play (includes in-app purchases). Velan Studios, the team in charge of the title, also announces that it is disassociating itself from EA and faces the present and future of its work completely independently; although both parties say goodbye willingly.

Velan Studios has not provided an exact release date for Knockout City in free-to-play format for the platforms on which it is available (PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store), but it has issued an extensive message addressed directly to the community saying goodbye to EA, which gave them the opportunity to be part of the EA Originals label, and they explain what Knockout City will look like starting this spring; from the second year of via the game.

Knockout City opens up to everyone and on all platforms: what awaits us

“When Season 5 ends and Knockout City’s second year begins, we’ll do so with something that’s as important as it is groundbreaking: this spring, starting in Season 6, Knockout City will be free for everyone! As it is. We are going to cross out the price in order to reach millions of new players around the world, ”explains the Canadian studio, which was also in charge of Mario Kart: Live Circuit for Nintendo Switch in 2020, in the official statement.

Self-publishing means that the management and communication of the game will now depend on Velan Studios, which is committed to paying much more attention to its community with a closer relationship. “Of course, we want to give a heartfelt thank you to the unconditional fans who bought the game and have been with us, giving us their full support since day one. Your dedication and loyalty have inspired us to continue developing and growing the world of this game.” “Without you we wouldn’t be where we are.”

Gift for those who bought Knockout City initially

“Community is our top priority, which is why we’ve created a Special Loyalty Pack for Season 6, specifically for those who purchased the game before the Season 6 premiere, which will contain exclusive legendary accessories, XP boosters and 2000 hologreens”, says Velan for those who bought the title in its current stage as a paid game.

Velan acknowledges that they have “a lot of pending work”, both visible and unseen. Soon they will offer more details of this exciting new stage for them. New content, features and details are coming, such as balls (one of them special), maps and more.

Knockout City is available digitally for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series and PC consoles.

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