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Which is the best exciting thing you know about Germany history?

All we know that till present-day Germany is a well-known country because of Adolf Hitler, he was just a postman in the German army and later he rose as chancellor and then supreme leader of the state. And right after that what he did with others was proved his biggest mistakes in the role of mankind. If we look into Germany history, the old name of Germany was Germania and it was included in the Roman Empire between the years 900-1806 A.D.

History reveals that Germany was never been a united country ever for so long period.

Do you know who is responsible for discovering Roman Empire and Germany history?

Otto von Bismarck, he was the man who discovered the land very first and became earliest Emperor of the Roman Empire but due to internal conflicts and conspiracies, the regional peoples such as (Bishop, princess, duke) acquired all the powered of the land and laid down or demolishes all the existing rulers.  Pakistan history is quite interesting to read more.

The Germany History shows that from 1945 – 1990; the country was based on two large and beautiful lands called as Democratic Republic of German (East part of the state) and the German Federal Republic (West part). The Modern nation-state was established in 1871 across from the eyes of Otto von and later this piece of the land saw many dark ages and huge bloodbaths.

In 1914, the first world war started which remained continues till 1918. For the next many years the country was recognized as the Weimar Republic, actually a democratic and parliamentary state in which all the peoples had direct access to the government officials, and then Hitler took the charge in 1933. After this year, people used to call this country like Nazi Germany.

Adolf Hitler felt that his country’s sovereignty is in danger and other nationals have captured his land, his guilt was very high that he started to unite their peoples and after some time Hitler formed his own party “Nazi party”. Under the one flag and one roof of the Nazi party, their large of people started getting together again to revive their customs and traditions. All the individuals in the party were from the same belief and faith and they curiously wanted to free their land from foreigners who have made them just as servants. In Germany history, Hitler was a person inspired by fascism; his dictatorship orchestrated about six million peoples and led the world towards World War II.

Present-day Germany

The fascist dictator Adolf Hitler broke the beautiful land and caused the country unforgettable damage, due to his hatred spreading steps he became the reason of thousands and millions of killings or injuries. Apart from that Hitler gave us many important scientific, philosophical phenomena and concepts which we’ll discuss in our next article. India states till present date read more.

But today Germany is a well-growing and developed country with Berlin as capital, with a government of federal democratic republic in which parliament is upper house and decision-makers are common public.