knowing About Popular Brands of the World?

Were you interested in knowing about popular brands in the world?

Today we witness the fierce competition among the top famous brands of the world; in this race of acquiring more fame and publicity, all the business tycoons adopt a different and identical strategy. In this article, we will recognize each top brand concerning its worth, market reputation, and category.

According to a survey in 2019, Apple is at the top in a list of world’s top ten brands, and would you believe that Face book is not on this list.

  1. Apple brand worth: $234.2 million

Declared as the most substantial business corporation and rose by 9% in the last year and beat Google.

  1. Google brand worth: $167.7 million

Remained unable to make at the top first but almost having access in every home.

  1. Amazon net value: $ 125 million

It grew 24% in the last year and recognized as the leading online shopping firm in the world.

  1. Microsoft brand value: $ 108.8 million

For the last two decades, Microsoft is known as the revolutionary in the field of information technology after the successful creation of windows and its versions by Bill Gates. Widely use emailing network helps this company to generate more annual revenue.

  1. Coca-cola brand worth: $ 63.4 million

The largest beverage industry in the list, brands of the world. Almost 20% of the world’s population has ever consumed this soft drink once in a life.

  1. Samsung brand value: $ 61 million
  2. Toyota worth: $ 56.2 million
  3. Mercedes Benz net worth: $ 50.8 million
  4. McDonald’s brand value: $ 44.53 million
  5. Disney brand worth: $ 44.3 million

What factors make the brands of the world prominent?

Uniqueness and quality of stuff are the essential elements to promote any brand, and they surround our life in all aspects. Many rising brands of the world use various social media to reach maximum people and make them successful customers by providing 24/7 online access. The global perception of the peoples builds brand strength and assist in generating millions of dollars by working day and night with lots of devotion and positive energy, well it consumes a significant amount of time also. Learn how to earn money online.

The worth and completeness of a brand are based on consistent and long term financial performance and marketing plans. After the companies specialized in IT technologies, the Automotive industry is considered as the second top thriving industry.