Konami canceled a Metal Gear Solid game in 2019 after months of development, according to a former designer of the series

We miss Solid Snake so much. Metal Gear Solid is an iconic saga within video games, which has been in the shadows for a few years. It’s all in Konami’s hands.

There are some hopeful rumors to hold on to. For example,a remaster / remake of Snake Eater (third installment)could be in development, along with projects commissioned by Konami from other studios.

This time, a heavyweight of the franchise speaks of a canceled project. This is Ikuya Nakamura, art designer and co-director of Metal Gear Solid since the first installment.

Through his Twitter account, Nakamura has revealed that Konami was working on a new Metal Gear Solid, after The Phantom Pain and the failed Metal Gear Survive.

According to this information, Konami canceled this new game in 2019 , converting the project into a delivery of an existing IP. The last report on this new title occurred at the end of 2020.

It could pass for too ambiguous information, but the source is reliable. Nakamura was the producer of Metal Gear Solid V (both Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain), and has been working on the series since its inception.Metal Gear Solid V

The truth is that everything around Konami is a mystery ( in the case of eFootball, an ordeal).The Japanese company is in good financial health, thanks to its mobile titles and Nintendo Sw itch in Japan, the pachinkos and products derived from its most famous IPs.

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid is still in oblivion. In October of last year, a report stated that a remake of Snake Eater was being developed in Singapore.

They recreate the first Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine 5 with Nanite and Lumen Metal Gear Solid

Given Konami’s passivity, it is possible that the studio gives its IPs to other companies, in exchange for a certain amount. Or, on the other side of the coin, that Konami subcontracts other studios to develop new titles.

Until further notice, the future of Metal Gear Solid remains in question. With Kojima out of the equation, we will hope that this canceled project will one day revive… as there is still a lot of generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ahead.