Kraven the Hunter: Russell Crowe Joins New Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Movie

As we have been telling you for a long time, after Venom and Morbius it is the turn of Kraven the Hunter. The famous supervillain will be the next character to join the so-called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and little by little we are learning more details about his solo movie, scheduled for 2023. The latest news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, whose pages confirm that Russell Crowe will be one more member of the cast.

The publication does not reveal who the Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind actor will play, but it drops that it could be one of the family members of Kraven, around which the tape will turn. Is it possible that Crowe will play Nikolai, the arch-villain’s father? We are very afraid that there is nothing left but to wait to find out, because the only thing certain to date is that the character of Kraven, also known as Sergei Kravinoff, will be performed by the young Aaron Taylor-Johnson.Russell Crowe Kraven the Hunter

From the MCU to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

As a curiosity, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has previously appeared in another superhero movie. We refer to Avengers: Age of Ultron , in which he played Pietro / Quicksilver , the missing brother of Wanda / Scarlet Witch . It will thus jump from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, something that Russell Crowe himself will also do!

The actor was confirmed for another film from the Stan Lee factory. We refer to Thor: Love and Thunder, in which he will make a small appearance of which we do not know the details. And that’s not to mention his role in the DC Universe, where he was the father of Superman in The Man of Steel! Is Crowe chasing some kind of record for making as many characters as possible within the superhero genre? Will this increasingly common repetition of actors affect the future relationship of Spider-Man with Marvel or the participation of Tom Holland in the next tapes of the arachnid? Questions, questions, questions…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter