La Casa Loca de Guatavita is inaugurated, in Colombia, where everything is upside down

The Crazy House, located in the town of Guatavita, in Colombia, was not conceived as a work of art, but as a tourist attraction.

Its builder isn’t even an artist or architect. His name is Fritz Schall , and he is an Austrian who has been living in Colombia for 22 years. He saw a similar house in his country when he was a child, and decided to build something similar in Colombia.

After two years of work,la Casa Loca, also called Casa al Revés, was inaugurated on January 8. Not only is it striking because of its shape, but also because it hides an optical effect that makes it even more impressive. You can see it in this video:

As its creator, Fritz Schall, explains on the El Tiempo website, the house is tilted 5 degrees to the left and 5 degrees backwards, generating an optical effect that forces visitors to be informed visitors, because some people may get dizzy when approaching or entering it.

Inside there are several rooms withthe decoration placed on the ceiling. Tables, chairs, beds, decorative objects…

There are alsobeds in the walls, which doesn’t make much sense if the house is upside down, but this has been done so that visitors can take photos as if they were throwing themselves on the bed, when they are just standing on the ground.


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This curious idea has been very successful, because the influx of onlookers and tourists is constant.

Children under three years of age enter for free, but the rest must buy a entry. Children pay 15,000 Colombian pesos, which in exchange is just over 3 euros. Adults, about 4 euros. With discount for family or additional companions.

Fritz Schall has managed to make a childhood dream come true, which can also become a lucrative business.

Insurance that it won’t be long before we start to see copies of this Crazy House in other places and countries…