La Castellana: ‘Restaurant that they inaugurate, restaurant that they dock’

Once again, gangs of armed men attack restaurants and their diners in different sectors of Bogotá.

This time the victims were the owners of a recently opened restaurant in the La Castellana neighborhood of the locality of Barrios Unidos. “We were having a conversation at one of the inauguration activities when three men armed with pistols and knives came in and began to intimidate us,” said Luz, the owner of the establishment.

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Later Some clients were locked up, others were made to kneel, and all of them were stripped of their belongings. Their wallets, cell phones, rings, bags, everything was stolen. The attack took four minutes.

Some of the clients tried to reach 123 but it was very difficult to establish communication. “Then the police came but it was too late. Nothing could be done. We are generating employment after a long crisis and this is what is happening to us. It’s not fair. Restaurant that they inaugurate, restaurant that docks.”

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The victims say that the community has been very supportive after what happened but, unfortunately, crime is very frequent in this sector. “We need you to support us. We have nine employees, we want to reactivate the economy. We are going to move forward but we require more presence of agents, security. You don’t see a police in the area”.

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