Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision, the dashcam with the best night vision (video)

Choosing a car dash cam is not easy, because each driver has different needs.

A dashcam has been presented on Indiegogo that boasts of having the best night image camera in the world.

Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision detects up to light with an intensity of only 0.0001 lumen, so it is capable of displaying clear images in almost complete darkness. You can see it in this video:

Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision uses a combination of 7 lenses that filter different spectrums of light, along with a fast f/1.0 aperture lens, a vision sensor Sony CMOS night vision, and its own image optimization algorithm.

The result is an image captured in the middle of the night, which appears to be daytime. And it also serves to see clearly in the middle of the rain, in the fog, or in a storm.

It seems very useful for drivers who live in areas with extreme climates, or who drive a lot at night. Also for the elderly or those who have vision problems in low light.

In addition, Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision has other interesting features.

Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam

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Dashcam for your car with a 3-inch touch screen, WiFi and a sensor capable of recording continuous video in Full HD resolution directly to a microSD card of up to 64GB.

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It has a wide 8-inch screen that allows you to appreciate all the details. It can be placed on the car’s dashboard or in the rear view mirror, if using the optional rear view camera , which offers a 175 degree opening.

The front camera has a suction cup to place it anywhere on the windshield to avoid the dazzling lights of oncoming cars.

It has a field 75-degree vision, that covers both lanes of the road, and 1080p resolution.

In parking mode it can cover different angles, and thanks to its 128 GB storage micro SD card, it is capable of recording 28 hours of video.

It also integrates a shock sensor, which activates the camera when a crash occurs. This can serve as evidence for an accident report, or to find out what happened.

In short, a very interesting dashcam that is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, although it has already exceeded what it needed.

You can get the Lanmodo Vast M1 Night Vision dashcam at a price of 174 euros. One more thing, 217 euros, if you want the rear camera. They will send it to the whole world from the month of April.