Leaked Warzone 2 launch window and more data; it’s closer than i expected

A couple of weeks ago, just when the bomb about the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, started to talk a lot about the saga Call of Duty. Of course, there was also talk of his battle royaleand that was when renowned journalists such as Jason Schreieror well-known insiderssuch as Tom Henderson started saying that Call of Duty: Warzone 2 was going to exist and was already in development. Of course, that was it because it was no longer official.

What platforms will Warzone 2 be released on? New leaks emerge about the sequel to the battle royale

In fact, I seem to remember that there was talk of the launch of Warzone 2 for the next year 2023, which seemed to me more or less a good date considering the three years of development that would take place between the first and second delivery. Of course, there was always the question of whether it was a new game made from scratch or if it was simply some kind of update. Well, all that is now known thanks to Tom Henderson.

More Warzone 2 data leaked: launch window, FOV, development from zero…

As I said before, it was Henderson who has leaked all the information. I want to start by saying that this guy is very reliable, he has very good sources and he has shown it many times. I leave you all the details that have come out of him about Warzone 2:

  • The first thing to note is that different content creators have had a private call with Activision, according to Henderson, where the company has already confirmed Warzone 2 ??
  • Content creators reached out to Henderson to tell him this, adding that they also saw the Modern Warfare 2 logo of 2022, the rumored next Call of Duty.
  • Before there was talk that it was blue, but they say they have changed the color of the logo to green ?
  • They claim that Warzone 2 has been built from scratch due to some problems that did not allow the opposite since its integration with Black Ops Cold War ?
  • Adds that the FOV will be available at 120º from the beginning ?
  • As for the release window… it says it will be released alongside Modern Warfare 2, which is later this year. Of course, it is probably referring to something like what happened with the current Warzone, which was part of Modern Warfare 2019 but arrived in March 2020 ?
  • It is not yet known if it will arrive for PS4 and Xbox One or if it will be exclusive to next-gen ?
  • That said, it seems that all this will be officially revealed tomorrow, according to Henderson himself ??