LG has started manufacturing the OLED panels for future iPads

LG would be making significant adjustments to its production lines in order to supply Apple with OLED panels for future iPad models. The tablet from Tim Cook’s company has been delaying its commitment to panels with organic diodes for years, but its launch is near.

According to the latest information, this belief is due to the fact that LG Display is currently moving OLED production equipment to its plant in Paju, South Korea.

The transfer of equipment to another production line is very rare, as it requires recalibration and there is a risk of damage during transport. Therefore, this practice would not make sense were it not for the fact that LG has achieved a great agreement with a demanding partner.

The Paju plantalready houses two production lines making flexible OLED panels for Apple phones, and LG is building another line to increase its production capacity.

This move to Paju would mean that LG is going to open a fourth manufacturing line, which would be specialized in rigid OLED panels for iPads. Each production line can manufacture up to 15,000 panels per month, explain the sources.

Although an OLED screen could come to the iPad for the first time next year, LG is said to be planning to start mass production of these panels at its Korean facility in 2024.

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This schedule is broadly in line with other recent reports that have placed the OLED iPad launch between 2023 and 2024. LG is also not the only supplier planning to create production lines for the next few iPad models with OLED displays.

China’s BOE is also believed to be preparing to supply suitable OLED panels for future iPad models. What fits with the future of large-scale production: not depending on a single partner, but relying on different actors to cover their backs.