Lofi is a random free music generator perfect for your online videos

Content creators know that sometimes getting music is a headache. The issue of copyright, the pages with different paid subscriptions, the impossibility of creating your own pieces… There are many problems, but Lofi can be the tool to solve them.

Lofi is a random music generator. When you enter this page you will always listen to different music, unique to youonly and at that moment, which you can also download for free to use wherever you want.

The music you download will be under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0). This means you cando whatever you want with it, from changing it entirely to using it in content for commercial purposes.

How to download songs from YouTube and free music without programs

But don’t think that Lofi’s music is only good for that. You also have the option of accessing its web page just to play some quiet music in the background or accompany a moment. Its feature is not intended for creators only and no registration is required.

The greatest advantages are found in its simplicity. Also, when playing the music you will see that in general it is always quite pleasant.

There are only a few limitations. The first is not to sell the music as your own, not to claim ownership for commercial purposes. The other is that unaltered copies should not be sold in any way.

Here is the link to Lofi. Without a doubt, this can be a very useful tool in various situations. In case you want to create your own content, we also recommend that you read this guide with what you should know and everything you need to create your podcast.