Lost Ark: All current issues and future changes (February 22)

The arrival of the Western Europe region to Lost Ark has served as a breath of fresh air for the Smilegate and Amazon Games MMORPG on the old continent, whose queues and server problems are a constant. With the aim of not dying of success, the development team works continuously to prevent those waits of more than 20,000 people during the afternoons -Central European time- from calming down little by little. The study now reviews in a statement as an update the main problems of Lost Ark.

Update with the main current problems of Lost Ark

Waiting lines in Europe

Over this past weekend (February 19 and 20), Amazon Games has received reports of various issues. As they explain, “we are working tirelessly with Smilegate RPG to solve them.” We review these problems, which you can find explained point by point in the upcoming release if there is one that directly affects you beyond the queues.Lost Ark: all classes and Tier List with the best ones

Queues in Europe: “The Central Europe region is completely full and unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of players per world.” Since it is not possible to expand the capacity of players by region and it is also not possible to add servers “due to the complexity of the systems”, the creation of Western Europe seems to be the fastest solution. “It can be a great choice for new players or for those who have not yet progressed much in the other”, they recommend.

Other issues highlighted in Lost Ark (February 21-22)

  • Server Transfers
  • Power Pass
  • Crystalline Aura Upgrade
  • Matchmaking
  • Gold sales advertising
  • Changes to prevent fraud
  • Solutions in process

Looking forward, Amazon Games wants to provide a solution to matchmaking errors beyond the server reset. On the other hand, in the future they will look to stabilize and reduce the latency of Crystalline Aura and fix other issues with the store and product inventory.

All of these fixes will require an update to Lost Ark and another period of server downtime. From their official communication channels, including social networks, they will report everything.

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