Lost Ark: all the improvements and additions of the launch version, now available

Lost Ark has made its debut on the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 8, 2022, in the markets of Europe, North America, Oceania and Latin America. Such has been the number of users trying to immerse themselves in the universe of this Smilegate and Amazon Games MMORPG that many couldn’t directly download it on Steam: the servers crashed. In this article we will tell you all the quality improvements of life and novelties implemented in this western version.

Because Lost Ark and had shown its potential in Asia; more specifically, in South Korea, where it established itself as one of the most successful titles of the genre thanks to a community of hundreds of thousands of users. Amazon Games has worked to make this version of the game more friendly to audiences on the other side of the world, including a total of 15 playable classes (including the sorceress, which replaces the summoner from the beta).Lost Ark

Lost Ark quality of life improvements

  • Added improvements in player security; including entity name and message reporting features.
  • Guild menu interface update.
  • Shop interface improvements.
  • Possibility to add accounts (similar to adding the cast) as friends and show which character they are playing as.
  • Friend lists are no longer tied to characters.
  • Ability to show the status as away and send a message to those who try to interact with us.
  • Added built-in presets and ability to create custom presets on different items (cards, abilities, equipment, gems and others).
  • Added DirectX 11 support as default setting.

Main features of the release version of Lost Art

  • 15 playable classes.
  • Each chat room can hold 100 players.
  • Players can view logs of messages prior to their chat room entry and messages sent since the time they went offline.
  • Korean voices are available on Steam as DLC.
  • Accessibility features for those who need it.
  • Added the Growth Room.
  • Added Procyon’s Compass.
  • Added Adventure Island (a feature that sends players to islands which are only available during a specific, limited period).
  • Added custom PvP games.
  • Added spectator mode.Lost Ark

Westernization of Lost Ark

  • Offensive language filter.
  • Moderation of messages and behaviors that violate the codes of conduct in Arkesia.
  • Currency change.
  • Power Passes: They can be obtained by completing the main quest (“Ealyn’s Gift”) in North Bern, and we will receive a Berne Power Pass token via in-game mail. Once the first one is used, another Power Pass will be sent via in-game mail.
  • Each account can only get two Power Passes.

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