Lost Ark announces a maintenance to apply changes and improvements: duration

Lost Ark will enter a maintenance period today, February 15, 2022, to apply a series of improvements to the game and polish reported bugs. The success of Lost Ark is leaving SmileGames, the development studio in charge of Amazon Games’ MMORPG video game, breathless. Kimetsu no Yaiba confirms Season 3: teaser and first official details. After a successful debut this past weekend, more than a million players have started the game in the world of Arkesia; but the figure is so high that it will be necessary to create a new server in Europe, as announced on Monday afternoon.

Lost Ark maintenance window date and time: duration

The Lost Ark maintenance period for today, February 15, 2022, will take place starting at 08:59 >, peninsular time in Spain, and will have a duration of approximately three hours. Garena Free Fire codes for today February 15, 2022; all rewards free. After the maintenance, the game will be updated with a patch.

Before the arrival of this new server for Europe, the game’s official forums have made it clear in an extensive statement that on today’s date, said temporary pause will be made in access to Lost Ark with the aim of unburdening the servers to this influx of fans. Horizon Forbidden West: graphic and performance comparison between PS5, PS4 Pro and PS4. It is expected that Lost Ark will remain inactive until 12:00 noon this Tuesday. Let’s take a look at what they’re planning.Lost Ark

Lost Premium Content and Store

“After receiving reports we have confirmed that items are missing from the Goods inventory, that the Shop is not available in the game and that the crystalline auras on the characters are missing,” they begin by saying. SmileGate makes it clear that while they may seem like different problems, these problems all stem from the same cause. This is the group of cybercriminals that for 10 years planted false evidence to incriminate activists without being detected. The game server has to communicate with the trade server, and since there is currently a problem with the second (because of the huge stress load), the communication is hampered, resulting in a two-way problem between the trade server and the server. of the game. Horizon Forbidden West: All Guerrilla Games Ranked According To Metacritic.

For this reason sometimes you can’t claim the Crystalline Aura and other times you can. Lost Ark will fix this with this Tuesday’s maintenance and subsequent patch release.Lost Ark Lost Ark and its hilarious terms of use: you can’t play if you’re an alien, robot or ape.

Galatur’s problems since Head Start

Since the day of the premiere there was a problem with the Galatur server that caused approximately 17,000 users to get stuck without being able to access the Main Story Quest (MSQ), a massive error that “we want placate as quickly and fairly as possible,” they say. Cyberpunk 2077 anticipates news in streaming; Date and Time. In addition, they call it a “complex” and “frustrating” problem. The King of Fighters XV: release date, editions, price and trailers. They will inform when it is solved.

Endless queues on servers in Europe

The queues to access the servers in Europe are being a headache for Lost Ark players from the old continent, Spain included. SmileGate has been working “tirelessly” to solve it and supply this immeasurable demand for access. However, after the maintenance period they will try to make everything work a little better, but the inauguration of the new European server (EU) will take a while. CoD Warzone: Season 2 Patch Notes; corrections, improvements

Finally, SmileGate confirms that they will fix bugs and problems reported by users during this maintenance period today, Tuesday, February 15. Lost Ark will open a new server region in Europe due to user demand.

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