Lost Ark cancels character creation for new users on its most populated servers, although it will open some new ones

For several days, hundreds of thousands of players have been playing Lost Ark in the West thanks to the fact that they have acquired the founder’s pass, which guaranteed them early access to this MMORPG before it opens the doors for the rest of the world this afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m. in Spain. Faced with the fear of an avalanche of users, Smilegate wanted to make some adjustments.

This has led to limiting character creation on certain servers for new users. Specifically, it will affect those who are registering longer waiting times to access, although if you already had a character on these servers you will be able to create more additional characters, while those who play for the first time will not have this option and will not be able to join in any way. .

Here’s the entire list of affected servers, in case you were planning to play on any of them at some point:

  • NA West: Mari and Valtan.
  • NA East: Avesta, Azena, Regulus and Una
  • Central EU: Asta, Kadan, Thirain, Trixion and Zinnervale

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However, this ban is only a temporary measure, so its creators have promised to notify when this barrier is removed. Even so, they have also wanted to take advantage of the occasion to open a few new servers, among which will be these two that they have revealed so far: Beatrice in EU Central and Elzowin in NA East.

The truth is that the solution chosen by Smilegate is understandable considering how Lost Ark swept the number of players during its first hours. What’s more, at some point during its anticipated release it reached a peak of 532,476 users, managing to sneak into the sixth position in the ranking of Steam games that have registered a greater number of people playing simultaneously in its entire history.

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