Lost Ark enters maintenance in Central and Western Europe (February 23)

Lost Ark will pause the activity of its servers in the regions of Central Europe and the newly launched Western Europe during the morning of today, Wednesday, February 23, starting at 06:00 AM, peninsular time in Spain. The maintenance will have an estimated duration of “up to two hours”. Below we tell you all the details of the imminent hotfix, which will be applied no earlier than 08:00 AM (CET).

New Lost Ark maintenance this Wednesday February 23rd: quick patch on the way

Amazon Games and Smilegate reported on Tuesday the “multiple issues” reported by the community over the past weekend; some problems that have as their main focus the queues of tens of thousands of users every day in the hours of greatest concurrence of players.

This maintenance will be matched by a hotfix, a quick patch that will try to solve some of the most common problems in the territory Europe, the continent most affected by the collapse of the servers.

  • Recurring matchmaking issues will be fixed. “We will continue to monitor matchmaking after tonight’s review.”
  • Fix an issue where the launch event was displaying the item 1420 Rapport Chest as a reward on the 15th .
  • Fix an issue where the [Weekly] Battle Item Bundle would indicate that it could be claimed 10 times. This will be changed to reflect the actual purchase limit of once a week.
  • An issue with the 10-day Attendance Event in the Europe West region will be corrected. The Day 3 reward has been changed to Una’s Task [Daily] +1 x10, and the Day 6 reward is now Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x10.

Why are there so many problems with the Lost Ark Europe servers and regions?

The reason for access problems in Europe is twofold. On the one hand, Amazon Games acknowledges that “The Central Europe region is completely full and, unfortunately, there is no way to increase the number of players per world.” On the other hand, they cannot add new servers “due to the complexity of the systems”.

Lost Ark is currently unable to meet the quantitative demand of players trying to get into the game, resulting in frustration and anger from those who wait for hours.