Lost Ark fixes Royal Crystal issue in new patch

Lost Ark, the free-to-play developed by Smilegate and published by Amazon Games, has started its journey in the western market with expectation and long queues. It has become the MMO of the moment, so the studio is working on correcting all the problems that have arisen throughout these early days. After another maintenance break, the developers have fixed an issue related to Royal Crystal refunds, among other changes.

Below we detail all the improvements of the update, which have been published in the official video game forums.

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All patch changes

Quick Access

  • We fixed an issue where Royal Crystal refunds could get stuck when using the currency exchange.
  • We fixed an issue where players were not receiving Crystalline Aura effects even though the system showed it as active.
  • Level 2 Abyss Trade merchants are now available.
  • We have fixed an issue where seeing incorrect translations on loading screens.
  • In our support event in all regions, the reward on day 15 provided an affinity item that was targeted at higher item levels (1430) . We have changed this reward to another affinity item with a more appropriate level. For players who already claimed the item on the 15th, it will be exchanged with the updated login reward during maintenance

Lost Ark is available exclusively on PC. The title is new in Western territory, but it was released years ago and has been running for quite some time in South Korea. Faced with congestion problems, Smilegate has made adjustments, but at the moment there are no plans to increase the capacity of the servers in Central Europe.

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