Lost Ark: Get this Battle Item Pack for free with Amazon Prime

Lost Ark is now available in Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania. After passing through Asia, where it has an overwhelming number of players, the MMORPG title from Smilegate and Amazon Games has found in Amazon the perfect ally to extend its success in the West. So much so that Amazon Prime players, who have Prime Gaming included in their subscription, can benefit from the following advantages: six exclusive content packs.

Get 6 exclusive content packs for Lost Ark on PC

Any player who is a Prime Gaming subscriber (included in Amazon Prime) can claim a total of six exclusive content packs, only for Amazon Prime members. To do this, you need to download the game and install it, have a registered account and access this link. For now, the first of six content packs is available, including:

Amazon Prime Battle Items Bundle:

  • Crystalline Aura (5 days use).
  • Amethyst Shards Pack (500 shards).
  • Battle Chest Pack: Healing Battle Chest, Utility Battle Chest, Offensive Battle Chest.

The offer is available until March 8, 2022. Amazon Prime members can claim Lost Ark content packs each month. Thus, the next Content Pack will be available from March 9th.

Once you have claimed your items you will be able to apply Crystalline Aura, Amethyst Shards and Chests once you open the goods inventory in the shop (F4) and claim your items.

Lost Ark opens a new region to mitigate long lines

Aware of the endless queues to play Lost Ark especially in Europe, where there was only one region (Central Europe); now a new region with eight servers is inaugurated, Western Europe, available from this February 17 for all players of the old continent. While they make it clear that this won’t prevent all queuing issues from being fixed, it will significantly reduce them.

Lost Ark is available exclusively for PC. You can download the game on Steam for free (free-to-play; free with microtransactions).

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