Lost Ark has already managed to make history with this impressive number of players on Steam

I’m going to be honest: Lost Ark doesn’t catch my attention at all. I’ll try it, yes, but because it’s free, if not nothing. And the thing is that Diablo-style camera games and MMORPGs don’t appeal to me at all, they never have and they still don’t. And I’m not saying I’m not going to get hooked when I try it, because maybe I am, I don’t know. In any case, I am seeing a lot of people going crazy with this game.

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But the fact is that the game has not yet been released for free, but Lost Ark is currently and since yesterday only available to those who purchased a package of founders. The game will become free-to-play starting tomorrow. And if the game was already a success yesterday, I don’t even want to imagine tomorrow. But hey, I’m not going to deviate from the topic and I’m going to focus on what precisely happened yesterday.

Lost Ark’s huge-hit

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It is clear that Amazon Games can be happy for the successful launch of Lost Ark. And as can be seen from the data collected on the SteamDB portal, the number of players in the title is impressive on its opening day:

  • Lost Ark yesterday accumulated a peak of more than 500,000 simultaneous players ?
  • With this, it was positioned directly as the sixth game with the highest number of players in the history of Steam ??
  • Of course, it has fallen far short of New World, which I accumulated 913,000 ?
  • However, we must bear in mind that that was yesterday, being a midweek day, and that on Friday the game will be free and surely, between that and the weekend, that number will be exceeded. How far will it go? ?