Lost Ark sweeps Steam and Twitch with over 500,000 concurrent players and 1.2 million viewers

Despite coming some time after its release in other regions, Lost Ark has already positioned itself as the most talked about release of the month in the Steam community. The game promises to break Valve’s platform in a few days.

Although, most likely you are aware, Lost Ark is an ARPG MMO inspired by Diablo and other great games of the genre which has been developed by Smilegate RPG arriving in South Korea a few years ago and is now being released in the West thanks to Amazon Game Studios.

What is it and how the Powerpass is used in Lost ArkItsofficial premiere will take place on Friday, February 11 exclusively on PC, but there are already those who have managed to access it thanks to the early access options offered by the paid founders packs.

And there have been many who have been launched on this proposal. Specifically, Lost Ark has registered a maximum of 532,476 simultaneous players on Steam, according to SteamDB, and has become the fifth most played game on the platform.

On the other hand, The broadcasts of Lost Ark on Twitch have also taken their dose of prominence by registering 1.2 million simultaneous viewers. A figure that anticipates the great success that the game will be.

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This is even more impressive if we put context into the situation Lost Ark is in right now. The game is free, but not right now, since it can only be accessed if you’ve got one of the four available packs, which range from 15 to 100 euros.

Therefore, it would not be strange to think that by the time it becomes free to play, Lost Ark could aspire to become the game of the moment on Steam and Twitch. Have you already been able to play it?

The truth is that this media hype can be justified by the desire of the community itself to make use of a game of these characteristics. The wait for Diablo IV is getting hard and Lost Ark can be a really showy remedy.

Also, the world of MMOs is undergoing a rejuvenation. Examples such as the great success of New World last year or the revitalization of Final Fantasy XIV are good proof of this.

Hopefully there will not be as many queues as in other massive releases such as those we have already mentioned . Get ready to get up early.

Source: VG247